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I am a climber from Poland, competing for 3 years in different countries. My coutry doesn't have a ISA chapter so even if I do well in other countries I can't represent them at European TCC. Is there an oportunity to compet as a member at large?? How do ISA select a member at large who's going to ITCC? Can I compete as a member at large on European TCC without any previous selection?


Hi Marcin,

I hesitated to reply to your posting, because in a sense I feel I’m not really the right person to answer it. Fact is I have been the member at large (MAL) climber the last couple of years at the ITCC. I believe we met and spoke in Seattle. The reason for this status is that Switzerland, where I live, doesn’t have an ISA chapter. However we do hold ISA format national TCC’s, which allow us to selection and send three climbers to ETCC. The agreement concerning this has been that there are spots for non-chapter/guest climbers, with the new two day format all the more! At the ETCC the best MAL climber qualifies for the ITCC. Therefore after having won the ETCC in Maastricht this year, I qualified to go as ETCC champion and Erwin from Belgium got to compete as MAL.

The reason I think I may not be the right person to answer this matter is that if you don’t hold your own national TCC’s I’m not sure how you would selection the climbers to take part at these events. I’d suggest that you raise this issue with the EAC (European Arborist Council) or the euro ITCC rules committee reps, Tage from Denmark (Sorry, I think I misspelt that horribly!) or Craig Johnson. I think you’ll find Craig in the user list under “Judge” (Aren’t all these funny on-line names fun?! Guessing at who it migh be all the time… hey it could be X, or on the other hand it could also be Y! Personally I’ve never really understood the need for goofy pseudonyms – it does seem to complicate matters somewhat… anyway, I’m off topic here) ...

My feeling is that the ITCC committee should welcome non-chapter climbers, after all, we are calling it the I TCC, providing their country holds a ISA format national TCC. I have put this proposal to the rules committee in person and in writing a number of times, but the decision progress of the rules committee seems to me to be mesurable in an almost geological time scale (i.e. it’s slow)! Nah, just kidding… we are moving forwards, and I’m well aware that these guys put a lot of time and effort into improving the TCC's at a national and international level and that it’s not easy to coordinate an international group of people, such as the rules committee is!

So, in a roundabout fashion, I hope that clarifies your question a bit, regards – and hopefully see you in Copenhagen – Mark.


Hi Mark
Thanks for your reply. It helped me a lot with understending MAL system.
Yes, We've met in Seattle, I also remember you from Montreal. But now my northern american episode is finisched.:) And I'm back in good old Europe. You explained me a lot, but you also confused me a lot.:) As far I understand I don't have much chances to compete (anywhere) and (eventualy, but You'll never know) go to Copenhagen, what about Switzerland? If I'd kept my MAL status (It's going to be bit more expensive now, couse I am not a student anymore) could I compete with all the others MALs even if I don't work there?
National TCC with ISA format is probobly the way forward for Poland, but I don't think that would happend in 2005. Do you know how long I have to work (leave) in some country to represent it on ECC? Well I think I am asking too many questions. Thanks again for your reply.


hi mark
you're got it right but you were i think you were talking about the opperations committee which run the ITCC and not the rules committee where we work so slowley that we can only manage one update a year!!!
generally in europe most isa chapter comps are open and if your a member or MAL you can compete in them (pay your monies and if your kits up to spec!)this would be the way to qualifie for the ETCC.
like you say marcin times a bit short to run a tcc in poland before the etcc this year but if you want any help later on let me know.

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