Climber Needed in Dallas ?


I've just found myself back on the market!
Been climbing for 3 1/2 years
ISA trained (not yet certified)
Done everything from planting, root barrier installation,cables,to removals
I ran a crew for the last year
$1500-$2500 per day in work completed on average
Resume available upon request
I'm in Garland but can travel local within reason
Drop me a line and let's make some money!
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@ Crazy_Jimmy, Hey, just by way of foot-stomping your post, was that a possible job offer you just directed @Stant82?

For those of us not too familiar with the area, how far away would you say Fort Worth is from Garland, Texas?

Thanks for any answers you choose to give, and for putting up with my meddling. Just trying to help a guy win a job, maybe.


Edit: Just checked on "Bing maps"; it's about 51 miles, or a one hour commute, one way. Might be a bit much, but one never knows.
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Hey Jimmy,

Good to hear from you! We've meet a couple of times,( Fort worth climbing competition, and Saluting Branches).
I've got on with Tree Shepherds in Lake Dallas. So far so good (y).
But lets keep in touch, It's good to have the right kinda friends in this industry!


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I just talked with Scott the other day, seamed like a great guy. Good luck with the commute, 35 is a war zone right now.

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