Climber needed in CO, Longmont.


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Longmont, CO
Looking for a quality climber here in Longmont, CO. Thinking a contract climber would be easiest on my end but always willing to talk about employment. Pay depends on skill but in general, contract climber is $350-$450 a day. Top notch climber that kicks hiney? Willing to pay more.

We have a few months of work on the books. General pruning, some crane work and a few huge Cottonwoods to prune. We just got work on a 100 acre property here in town so that will be a lot of work.

Season for bees is winding down but we do any kind of work with native and European honey bees. Pick up swarms, relocate from houses and trees....

Small crew here but nice equipment. Focused on safety first, quality of work then production. We like to make our days enjoyable but still get work done.

If any interest or feedback let me know. Thank you, Chad Street

Bees and Trees, Inc.
Office, 303.669.9520
Me, 720.357.1646

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