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South County

I returned to the trees last year, doing jobs on my own and as a contract climber in Rhode Island. The pace has slowed and I am seeking more work. I would also love to work with other experienced climbers to improve skills.

Experience goes back to 2009, doing orchard pruning, and forest work clearing trails and gathering firewood, felling big trees, also planting disease-resistant trees in clearcut sites in Oregon. I worked full time tree crew from 2015-2017, learning basics of climbing and rigging. I continued to do ground work seasonally since then. Among these years, I also worked carpentry, composite boat building, and concrete casting. Last year I got laid off and began getting tree jobs, and lately have been staying busy contracting for a few companies and doing my own jobs since last spring.

If any crews could use a climber for a week or few, I would love to expand my experience and keep busy during the winter. Accessible range is the eastern half of America, Kansas, or Washington State region (family there).
If something were super promising, the family are open to relocating but that's a whole deal, of course. I operate through an insured LLC covering basic property management tree work, that I am planning to expand.

I have studied pruning, rigging, the ISA book, tree biology etc. yet am no hotshot. I have also worked with many different crews over the years and highly value the dynamics of a team. As a climber currently I am more or less running the show, making decisions for rigging, work-flow, etc. I aim to understand what results and pace are going to optimize the team of the day and equipment available.

I have climbing gear, saws and a good kit of medium-duty rigging gear and lines. I generally borrow spikes and certain mid-size power saws when needed.
Relatively speaking, pruning skills are where I excel and have most experience. I am also competent in effective rigging in tight spots. I have been busting my way through removals as well. I am comfortable felling and will keep learning for life.

Glad to have the forum here to learn from. Would love to gain some new experiences and strengthen my game. Thanks for reading.

~Michael Giroux

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