Climb the Big Trees in Seattle -- Climber Wanted, Full-Time


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Have you always wanted to climb the big trees? We are now hiring in Seattle!

We are looking for an experienced tree climber/arborist with a strong work ethic, positive attitude and desire to be part of a team. Confident pruning skills and technical removal experience are necessary.

We are a small tree care company that provides tree pruning and removal services to a diverse clientele with expectations of excellence in every aspect of our work. We depend on our reputation for high quality tree care and seek to hire those who fit our philosophy. Our crew is led by an ISA Certified Arborist and works 5 days a week in the Seattle, WA area.

The person we hope to fill this position should have most if not all of the following skills and attributes:
-ISA Certified Arborist, or obtain as soon as possible
-Minimum of two years of climbing experience
-Healthy habits, good physical shape, agility, and stamina
-Ability to lift and drag heavy loads and be a willing groundsperson
-Familiarity with chain saws, chippers, driving trucks, etc
-Good communication skills: active listening and clear speaking (client and crew)
-A thoughtful eye for detail and safety (fine pruning, removals, excellent clean-up)
-Knowledge of common tree ID and structural habits
-Familiar with modern climbing techniques: SRT, spurs, spurless
-Valid WA. Driver's license
-Non-smoker preferred

- Reliable work all year round
- medical insurance paid 100%
- general annual bonus
- excellent competitive pay DOE

If this sounds like a good fit, please contact us.

-contact information
-job history, skills

search terms: arborist, tree climber, tree worker, pruner, ISA, certified arborist

James Beede

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Hi James,
We have not. Are you interested??

I am a well rounded complete climber. I have built, trained and run crews for a number of years now. Nothing more than about 20 persons though. I bring everything I know and have experience with to the table. What could I expect starting pay for someone like myself to be. I have many qualifications certifications and 20 plus years of climbing experience. I'm fit and in good climbing condition

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