Clearance slings at Wesspur (10/26/20)


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Some good prices today (10/26/20) on clearance slings at Wesspur in their Clearance Rope section. Probably won't last long...

It's funny because I'd consider those overpriced given the section! Got almost all my bullrope from that section of their site (love Wesspur!!) for ~2/3rd MSRP, but for those slings you're still paying nearly the retail price for the eye-splices (3/4 tec is like 1.50/ft, they've got "$15 splices" if you look at it that way, though I guess some prefer pre-made splices regardless of cost but suspect many simply haven't tried and are unaware just how quick & easy it is to splice TEC)

Major +1's to Wesspur though and their Clearance section, they keep it stocked I imagine most future bullrope (sub-150' at least) purchases I make will continue being from there (1 thing I'd note is it seemed the ropes were a bit 'flatter' than expected, presumably because they're from the ends of larger reels/drums, but that effect went away after some usage!)

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