Cleaning zigzag covered in pitch

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removed what id call my first real leaner (Aleppo pine from what I was told) the other day quite an experience. Bummer side is my zigzag is drenched with pitch in and out I’m curious as to how you guys would go about cleaning it? Just burn through with the next few climbs? Or are there other solutions as well? Any feedback is appreciated thank you all


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Personally, I would (depending on how bad it is) just run with it. Or have at it with the isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristle brush.


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I keep a spray bottle of denatured alcohol (cheap from the hardware store) and rags around for cleaning sap of metal parts, for ropes/synthetics I use Sap Zaprrr (which Wesspur sells) and has really impressed me with how well it works. The alcohol does strip off lubrication, so for certain items once they are clean and dry, I re-lube them.
I use 98% isopropanol for most sap removal but for metal parts (only) you can also use acetone - just lube the gizmo after. For zig-zag links a bottle brush may help. Also if the sap is plentiful try to clean it off while fresh - if it dries out in sun or heat it can be a bear to get rid of - including boots if you’re walking on sap encrusted moon boots (iso and wire brush). As I’ve said elsewhere, sap is the visitation to this earth of the dark one.

Addenda: Lubricate with either:
Felco spray
TriFlow Teflon Lube
(the little tube thingy makes it easy to get it into the ZZ joints away from where the rope moves)
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