Looking for some advice on disposal of tree/vine/plant waste. Background: homeowner, 1/3acre lot, with 7 maples, some pines and a 200' hedge.

The city will take yard waste in bins, bags, or bundles. That's a lot of work and is really wasteful. I have been considering a chipper/mulcher so I can deal with fallen branches, trimmings, and invasive vines. I hope to use the mulch under my trees, along the hedgerow (to reduce weed growth) and to add to the playground mulch around the kiddos playscape.

So is there something to look for used that will fill this need? Is there an electric unit that can do this without being super expensive? Or am I better off disposing of the stuff I collect from the yard and buying mulch for all these applications?


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There's no reason the mulch that you would make wouldn't work for that, however I wouldn't use the vines or hedge trimmings in a playground area. They don't tend to "chip" the best, usually ends up as long stringy debris.

As for an electric chipper, I'm sure they make one or you wouldn't have asked, but I haven't seen one and can't imagine it handling a decent sized limb should you lose one in a storm. Unless of course it's a 480 volt, but there goes the affordable... I have seen the small hand fed gas powered chippers (around $700 new, I think) they seem to work ok for the rare use and maybe a 2" capacity. I've never used one myself, just seen it from a distance.


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I still own one of these that never gets used anymore. If you are anywhere near Philly and want to pick it up, it's yours for $600 bucks. That one is not mine, but it looks the same. Older model like the one shown, the newer models have a chute to blow chips but they are also @$4-5K



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Could you pile the brush up and get a local tree service to just buy and chip it into a pile for you?? We often get little chipping jobs here and there that might only take 20 minutes on the way for a slab of beer


Sheffa, I think that might end up being the way to go. That or renting one occasionally for a day. I had a feeling the price range would probably make it an impractical purchase for my uses.

Monkeylove, probably too much for me and not close but thanks!


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