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Hey all,

So I recently passed my certified Arborist exam (yay!) and I was wondering what you all do to market your new credential? We're going to do the appropriate labeling on our company vehicles, website, etc but I haven't found much on people wearing the credential on their clothes. I didn't know if any of you post your name and certified arborist logo with your cert # on there. Or if there is a patch we can order to sew on? My company is about to order a new round of shirts and sweatshirts and I was going to customize the clothes I would have with my individual cert but I don't know if that's an acceptable practice or not.


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You'll get a patch with your paperwork, found it needs some sewing and the iron-on part is worthless. You can order more stickers/patches from the ISA of course.

Worked for a company a while back thay had the ISA logo small on the back of the shirts. Not sure how legit it was. They didnt want non-certified folks to wear them at expo.
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