CBC story on US politics


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Serious money. This section below stuck out for me:

Often cited among the accomplishments of the Trump administration’s first year are the number of regulations that have been eliminated in the name of freeing businesses to create jobs. But the real shrinking of the role of government has been in Trump’s choice of cabinet members, whose aim seems to be to assail the policy goals of their departments.

Thus, the secretary of energy is someone who once campaigned to get rid of the Energy Department; the Secretary of Education has advocated against the public schools system; the Environmental Protection Agency director has a record of repeatedly suing the EPA; and the Attorney General has a reputation for opposing the expansion of civil rights.

Other departments are reportedly withering from neglect, as key positions are filled by unqualified people or not filled at all. The tax cut bill passed in December is forecast to add about a trillion dollars to the federal deficit, forcing further restraint on future governments.

Tear it all down as big business knows whats best for the workers and the land.


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And then someone's asks...
What are you going to do about it?
You are after all, a part of what's being done to us all And simply hoping the one's in charge will lead us all to the promised land and liberty for all.
Talk. Coffee shop, grocery store, your workers, friends even, some of whom may indeed be stupid and personal greed-motivated past reality to be amongst the "core"and believe a failure of leadership is occurring and the end game I guarantee you, will be an ugly you've never had to think about because you've never seen even a little bit of.
It's war already. What is possible, is that it needn't get bloody and catastrophic. But you don't understand how close it is to this.
For "jobs" and billionaires?
Fear comes from someone convincing you. Hate does to.
I know what the two together manufacture. I was one of asswipes who deployed it.
Organize to resist, then overwhelm...get them out of power now. If massive demo's don't do it, denying them what they seek will.
If that doesn't work. Revolt.
We did before. Again and again.


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National Guard. It's people we know. Brothers trained for first to drop into war zones en masse, then limp home and find less care than regular forces who aren't getting it anyway.
It's them who will now need to fire on the demonstrators who are increasing in million-number rates on several issues merging. Neighbors and relatives, half in camo with orders and locked and loaded. The others, to be shot upon.
Easy to organize our military. They are us.
Talk to them.


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Don't just shy away from some jerk bitching it's that nigger that got to the white house. That's stupidity beyond repair yet his ignorance guides his vote. Even if he's your friend. Some friend by the way.


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Or you can just work and entertain and enjoy and ignore the growing pressures. Currently, obviously, they have command.