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Can somebody help with an article or website that provides Id for the (12) species of catalpas. I have found a tree which is not a Northern Catalpa, the common species here, but I am not sure it is a Southern. The leaves are smaller, fruit straight and thin (6-8mm diameter), and the tree itself does not look "right". The northerns are in full bloom as we speak, this different tree is not in bloom.


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I am near Toronto, Canada. Thus the tree must be a planted ornamental. Could be anything (other than Northern).

Sorry no photos, did not have the camera with me.

The most obvious feature of the tree is that the pods are straight and less than pencil thin.

When I go by again I will take a camera


EFloras has some taxonomical information, here.
I think that most are tropical, but there are a few in Asia that are more temperate as well. Between the two here, the differences are in the flowers, seeds, and the growth form, which is the easiest way to tell them apart most of the year. The northerns tend to be more upright, taller, and larger, the southerns are more decurrent in general.

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