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Camp Tree Access ANSI XT: Take this with a grain of salt as I haven't hung in the saddle yet. I played around with it for about an hour this morning. I tried to get it set-up the way I wanted for the first climb. I don't have the Gryo Bridge but I will. I also don't have their ascent system designed for this saddle, but I will, I also don't have the Turbo Chest Ascender, but I will thursday.
First of all, you have to remember this a a hybrid harness. It's not specifically an arb harness, so the construction requirements are totally different. It a sold harness. One of the more comfortable class 3 rope access harnesses i've flown. I've used numerous harnesses by different manufacturers and models over a 25 year period. This one takes the cake.
Looking at it from the ARB side, I think it will take some getting used to, not having a waist belt. Its a step through harness like most rope access harnesses. It's certainly not the donning process we're all used to with ARB harnesses. Also Class 3 harnesses are meant to be worn tight. This is because it's a fall arrest harness and wearing it loose negates all the standards for fall arrest. Again coming from the ARB world, it'll take some getting used to. I have the legs a bit looser than recommended for now until I hang in it. The excess strap material when it's tight will take a little creative stowing to make sure it's not dangling about all the time. It has keepers but they aren't as tight as I think they should be for the kind of work we do.
The leg buckles are awesome. Totally love it.
The bridges are shorter than I like but again, I haven't climbed in it. They do offer longer bridges than stock(listed but not for sale yet). The suspension points are pretty cool. Not sure if i'll want that bridge on top or under as it came from the factory. I'm also thinking to change the shackles out for petzl ring open. Camp will have their version out sooner or later so i'll probably wait until then so i'm all color matchy matchy.
The red webbing that adjusts the riser is fine. Unfortunately the hardware loops are under the red webbing so you cant capture that with a Vault or whatever. If you do, you loose adjustability. You just have to be aware of this when installing hardware. There are 2 sewn pockets. One is rite on top of the webbing buckle. That makes it super difficult to seat a vault or Caritool. I have ordered a few different components to see of the design on the hardware makes a difference using those pockets. I use a Keeper. The Keeper is in the forward most pocket and the ears on the slack tending spot hit rite on the buckle for the red webbing. Time will tell if this constantly causes the top of the keeper to pop off or makes it a pain in the ass to seat securely.
Gear racking loops are good. The forward most loops sit forward on the saddle rite under the hip d's. I prefer stuff to dangle more towards my back rather than on my side. I personally would have stacked them on top of each other. One off the bottom and one off the mid/upper waist belt area.
I love to use a brass hook for my handsaw scabbard. Wish there was one on the saddle but certainly not a deal breaker.
I haven't ascended in it yet so I don't know how difficult it'll be to find the rite tending point off the upper harness. Also not sure where the SAKA will hook in best from. I'm so used to a chestie.
The side d's sit behind my pelvic crest. I prefer them in front of my hips but lanyard into the fence post, it seems comfortable. I didn't think it would be. This is a size one. I'm 6'1", 165lbs and a size 31 jeans.
Theres a ton of little things I like about the harness. I'm not sure if I would do tree work every day in it or not. I have to fly it for a while before I decide.
Stepping through the waist is a biggie for me in a daily driver. I don't mind stepping through the legs but the waist is a bit more challenging. This is the trade off for a fully compliant harness and I respect and understand that. Just don't step in dog shit. It'll be all over you.
I do like this harness a lot. I'm thinking old school when it say this so keep that in perspective. This isn't an arborist saddle like i've always used. This truly is a harness and is constructed in a way it can be used for tree work. I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin and finding all the little things about it i'll enjoy.
All the things I see a cons are a trade off to have the design and technology to allow it to be a true cross discipline piece of kit.
Over all out of the box, considering exactly what it is and not comparing it to a regular arborist saddle..........8 out of a possible 10. IMG_8773.JPG IMG_8774.JPG IMG_8775.JPG IMG_8776.JPG IMG_8777.JPG IMG_8778.JPG IMG_8779.JPG


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Looking forward to hearing a report on it in use.
I have not found a good spot to tend devices from on my Petzl Top, so good luck with this one.
I'm surprised to hear you have no problem stepping through leg loops, but don't like it on the waist. I hate getting in to leg loops, the waist doesn't really bother me. As long as it's a pull forward design. My Sequoia is really easy to get into. It does feel much nicer to step into my Treemotion on the weekends though, it is even easier and simpler.

Steve Connally

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I find the swivel to be super comfortable and much better than the steel biner it came with. No poking anywhere. Spent 6 straight hours in it on spikes yesterday and was very pleased. Flex with the swivel is unaffected by the turbo chest link

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