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Has anyone used cambistat? We have a lot of older trees starting into their declining years here, as well as lots of street trees in poor shape (some of these trees are both). It sounds good from what I have looked at but i was wondering if anyone has been using it, testing it. I am also curious about any residual effects there may be.


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We have it in the ground and are waiting to see at this point. You have to start somewhere right? They market it as "holy water" so I am skeptical of course.

I hope it works.... I injected some construction damaged trees.

They say results are not visible for six months!!! /forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

I think the stuff would be great for pre-construction,... if you were inject the trees months prior to construction.

The old, mature trees you are trying to save, inject as soon as possible. Possibly all older over-mature trees before you see decline.

We are as green to this product as the next tree company, so only time will tell.


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We have been applying the product for about a year so far so good.

[/ QUOTE ]Wrapping up year two. Very pleased as well.

Keep track of what you do, note the diameter at the time of application and the volume used. When you go back in 1, 2, or 3 years, see how it compares to other trees of the same species. Take pictures, too!


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PHC is a second department. I am sure they are keeping good records since the amount of material is based on DBH.


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No doubt, but the key to gauging it's effectiveness is following up with it down the road. With growth regulators, there's quite a delay between application and results, but the effect lasts for a while, depending on species.

Going over past jobs, just like pruning work, also gives you a better picture of whether you're doing things correctly. If a shrub is over- or under-regulated, you won't know until you measure. /forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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In our area we have alot of mushroom compost. It is very high in micro nutients and nitrates i've used in the drip rings of first leaf fruit trees to trees in there 7th leaf year. Along with some other foliar feeds I realize not applicable on old growth I've recorded a 10 percent growth diference.
I'm trying it on a 70 year old maple this year I turned the soil and then turned in the compost. I love playing mad scientist with foliar fertilizers a healthy tree can take a lot more abuse and recovery rates are great


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But this is Cambistat! It makes trees grow less, not more. /forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif I wonder when we'll be shrinking trees. /forum/images/graemlins/monkeedance2.gif


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nick, i get the sense form the tree boards that you and i have touted the benefits of this product the most....we should have rainbow rep jobs at this point.
just did 19 leyland cypress today with some cambistat. have had mixed results on the more aggressive growing species. still have to wait until next spring for my first batch of leylands to yield some results. about 9 months to see how cambistat will affect the BLS on a pin oak i treated.


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You know it. /forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

They run a pretty lean crew at Rainbow Scientific Advancements, but I bet they could fit me in somewhere as a janitor or something if I wasn't already employed and enrolled. /forum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif If you're interested, you can always ask. I'll put in a good word for you.

I'm gonna have to wrap up the applications for the year with the ground freezing soon!

Mark Chisholm

Nick, et all, anyone have an answer for this consumer:

didn't want to register, since I'm not a tree professional...just a
homeowner who would like to find out from the experts if Cambistat can be
used effectively on trees with oak wilt. I received a brochure in the mail
yesterday from the company that treated my trees for oak wilt last year.
Didn't want to spend more $ on them if this won't help. (BTW, they are
still holding their own...just have a somewhat reduced canopy.)

This is an email I received today and I can't give her an honest answer since I've never used it personally.


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Hey All, Tom Dunlap contact me and asked me to chime in.

The answer regarding Oak wilt is that the research is not complete. The Red Oaks that were treated inside a year before being challenged from root graft infecting oak wilt did not survive. Thus - trees treated about 1 year before challenge has no effect. Live oaks are still alive 1.5 years later - time will tell. But certainly Cmabistat is not recommended for Oak wilt.

Regarding construction injury - Cambistat is not a miricle drug. It creates some very specific responses from the tree. However - if the soil is compacted the treatment will not work- simply if there is no soil to grow roots in - cambistat will not stimulate root growth. Also - If a tree is rapidly declining - cambistat will not work as it takes time to for the changes to take effect.

Please promote good stewardship with this tool and encourage and educate people about proper usage. The promotional materials could be used out of context and used to take advantage of unknowledgable people.

A lot of information is available at

I can be reached at or 612-290-8948 if anyone ever have questions or concerns.

Tom Prosser


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I'm selling alot of this stuff now as a growth regulator. Great profit center. I hope nothing frys. Been doing C. Pear, Plum, Birch etc....


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Re: cambistat/profile

Before the "cambistat" marketing game, does anyone remember profile any more?

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