Cabling inspection and release


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Does anyone have a release they have their customers sign for cabling that has been performed on their tree? I am looking to write something up and wanted to know where to start. Obviously the need for reinspection is a must, what else should be on there? We aren't warrantying the cabling to keep the tree together in hurricane force winds but how should that be worded?

Any help is much appreciated!!


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Me too as I have installed several with a verbal explanation, a handshake and a there you go!


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I don't have a release just word it carefully in my estimate/contract that they sign. "Cable ______ to ANSI A300 standards to reduce the possibility of failure of ______.

You must cable to the standards to cover your ass either way, and by stating you are reducing the possibility still leaves the possibility of failure still there.


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We used to say something like,

"...many services, techniques and procedures may mitigate (reduce) the risk of tree failure but no amount of work, cabling, bracing, pruning or any other practice or device can make a tree “Safe” or prevent it from failing and causing catastrophic, even fatal, harm to persons or property."


"There is no guarantee that a tree will respond as anticipated to any work specified herein or that any of the desired results will be produced.
1. Any treatment or maintenance to a tree, including but not limited to, pruning, cabling or fertilizing may be ineffective, cause, or appear to cause, decay, decline, death or failure, or exacerbation of any issue intended to be mitigated.
2. Actual results may be ineffective, counter to those desired and/or unanticipated such as, but not limited to, new, additional or exacerbated decay or infection, decline, excessive growth, encroachment into newly opened spaces, necrosis or failure the tree or nearby trees. "

Now all we say is that cabling is nothing more than a supplemental support system intended to attenuate many extremes of motion of the tree parts being supported thereby reducing the number of circumstances under which a not supported tree part may otherwise fail; It cannot prevent all instances of failure or other causes of deterioration of the union or tree parts. Of course we also reference the applicable ANSI A300 Standards for cabling and pruning as we do not cable unless we also prune.


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This has come up in the past.

If you do some searching in the archives you might find more. if you do...please link it in this thread