Bye Bye FL


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I have a bunch of thoughts.

I think my biggest sadness is that this becomes more of a money event and less of a physical/technique.

This is from a horrible footlocker (I'm ok to 6m, then lack of training has a major negative effect on progress). I've not done an ascent event.

With footlock, I know training and technique will produce results. No extra gear is needed.

Watching footlock is great - it's beauty in motion. I love the comments of amazement from general public onlookers.

With ascent, I know I need $350+ for a mechanical device. Practice is required too, but nothing like footlock.


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I also think the event will be difficult to time keep.

Now for some fun... how I'd want to replace footlock.

If I was designing the event, I'd think about a single start and single finish, both times taken on the ground. Maybe a second timer to a bell at the top of ascent at 15m-25m which could tie break.

I'd have the event be ascent and descent.

Ascent would be to a bell, then a small limb walk to a bell at a descent point. A descent point would have an anchor point for a redirect (climber installs) and ideally have an interesting tree structure scenario. Descent points are at differing radi from the top bell.

There could be 1-3 descent points depending on tree size.

The event starts and finishes on a circle ob the ground with stop time taken when climber is off rope and has two feet in the circle.

I think combining ascent and descent is a more arb like event, plus it would be a lot of fun.

Anyway, just some fun thoughts.

I'm looking forward to my first ascent event.


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I have advocated for this kind of event before, and am happy to see it being introduced because I think it will lead to a rapid evolution of techniques. And I am assuming that it will just be an additional event that will not take the place of the footlock?


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We've done this here in MN and it is fun, although I feel that the setup and changeover should not be a timed part of the event, as these are critical functions that require concentration not speed. The race is only from ground to bell IMO.

As a low 20s OK footlocker I will not miss it. I only FL for comps these days and it sucks. But yes it's kinda cool to watch the good ones so perhaps the head to head is a great way to keep it around for those who are the smoothest.

Also I believe that traditional footlocking is permissible in the new Open Ascent rules so if you're good you could still win it with that system. I'm glad to see the rules opening up to better reflect modern work practices, as long as they keep the belay everything "should" be safe


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Portland, OR
So reading through the rules, the fastest time won't guarantee you a win. Potentially if you are within 12 seconds of the fastest time (assuming they don't score well in the setup and change over times) and you score max points in the setup and change over you could win the event with a way slower time. The way the rules are written does reward simple and fast systems. I think footlocking could still win this event handily.

I agree that the footlock is a fun athletic movement and there is something very cool about being able to ascend the tree without any fancy gadgets. but the comps should be a place to showcase safe innovative work practices and that would include ascending 50' of free hanging rope in the way that you are most comfortable with. The highest scorer could still footlock.


Where do I find the rest of that document?
I care a lot about the two points you get for incorporating a backup (I seem to be the only climber around who still carries a hand ascender most of the time).
If anyone has a good demo video of the event, I'd love to see that as well.
I'd hate to walk in underprepared at southern.
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