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As long as your bridge is 11mm and meets the A.N.S.I. standards for strength you should be fine.


I had a quick question about the B2. I resently got one, and love it. But the waist and leg strap adjustment locks always slip. I sewed mine in place by hand, very carefully with mason string, and it has worked wonderfully, but I have come to undersatand that that is not acceptable, especially for competitions. Any sugestions?


As for the leg straps... I folded the tail back underneath of the metal loops. When I find my camera, I'll post a pic. As for the belt, I setup some suspenders on thursday. Only climbed on it once so far, but it seems to work.

And treemanluke, I'm not postive but, I think that ALL B1's are not allowed in comps. It doesn't matter if you've switched bridges or not.


Tom Dunlap

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There shouldn't any problem with sewing the ends of the straps in place. How does that comprimise the webbing?

BI's have been allowed in comp for a long time.

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