Buckthorn vs chokecherry


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I have tons of buckthorn in my woods, but don't want to get rid of any good guys. I think I can recognize the difference between buckthorn and chokecherry, but wanted to check. The little guy in the photo seems to me to be a chokecherry. Alternate branching with horizontal "dashes" on the bark of the trunk. Are those definitive differences? View attachment 66477 View attachment 66478


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Pics won't load?

The first time I saw buckthorn, I thought "that is some funky looking cherry" - so I agree their are some similarities.

The "thorns" help, but that is not definitive.

Branching on buckthorn is sub-opposite, sometimes more alternate than not.

If you eat the berries, you'll know which it is pretty quick as far as I understand it (no experience).


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If they still have berries on them at this time of year I assume they are buckthorn. How the berries are attached seems to be a good way to tell them apart. Cherries seem to grow in pairs, and buckthorn berries seem to grow more in clusters. Is that correct?
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