Bucket Truck Problem


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We recently purchased a 2003 Isuzu NQR truck with a Hidro Grubert bucket lift on it and it has all worked great except for some odd reason after using it for a while, say 20-30 minutes, neither of the lower arms want to lift up, no matter how long you hold the levers. This only happens if you let the truck run for the entire time. If you shut the truck off between moving it for your project, it will work just fine the entire day. Any ideas as to why those two functions won’t work? All other functions appear to work all the time. It is driven by a pro pump off of the transmission. Any ideas are welcome! TIA



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It sounds like heat is the factor. Could be a sensor getting hot, low hydraulic oil. I would start there. If the whole unit kicks out then I would check the pto. Good luck
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