Buck saddle, pmi rope, Petzl grillion


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More items to be posted soon, but for now I have a buckingham saddle size small manufactured in March of 2018 that has been climbed on lightly until I switched to the treemotion. The saddle is in great shape and has been cared for properly. Looking to get $150.

400+ feet of pmi unicore 11mm rope. I bought 600 feet and cut off 150 for a climb line and a short piece for a lanyard so I know there is more than 400 feet of unused brand new rope. Asking $250 for 400ft or possibly be willing to sell in smaller pieces.

Petzl grillion, just the device, for work positioning lanyards. Works on 11-13mm ropes and can be used on a single leg. This one has been used on maybe 3 climbs but I just prefer using hitch cord and a micro pulley. Asking $100.

More gear will be posted soon.


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