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I ran one before, they got some torque. Not very fast chain speed, but powerful for an antique top handle. I used to own an 011AVT which was kinda similar.
The balance is not as good as every other top handle saw, you can see where the handle is at, and how almost all the weight is forward of it.
Antivibe is pretty much nonexistent and the brake system is old technology, your wrist or hand will hit the brake handle and activate the brake, it’s not going to be activated by kickback inertia like modern saws. I do like a lot of older pro Stihl saws, but if it’s a work saw, I insist on a good brake.

At that price, I’d definitely just go buy a brand new MS180 or kick in a little more cash for an Echo 271T if you really want a top handle. Stihl saws get stupid expensive on eBay auctions. You can do a much better price than that. Sort by newly listed, with Buy It Now option. Have patience and check often. I’ve had great luck buying saws on eBay, always with buy it now and within the first half hour or so of it being listed.

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