Brown needles and dead branches


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A juniper tree of unknown age. Started last year with the older needles turning brown and falling off.
I tried to use fertilizer sticks in the spring and it seemed to be improving, but after I mulched it has gotten significantly worse. So I put more fertilizer sticks in last week and pulled the mulch away. And sprayed the branches I could get to with copper fungicide just in case.
With it being such a large tree and provides some shade to an otherwise very sunny lawn, so I want to save it if I can.
With everything going on I can get anyone to come out to look at it.
Any ideas ?
Thank you!!!



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Welcome Amandah! It's difficult to identify diseases from photos, although sometimes it can be done. More importantly, sometimes the calls are even correct! I don't know if we have any Irish arborists cruising through, but they might know right off what the problem is!

The strategy I take is to find out what the dominant problems are for that species that roughly fit the photos and accompanying information. Then, I work to exclude the common problems one-by-one. This may involve a magnifying glass and perhaps other tools. Usually, what folks notice and ask about are in the top 3-5 problems for that species and set of symptoms.

In this case, I'd start with the three twig blights of Juniper in the northeast US that I know of and are written in a handy little information sheet here.

I'm sure some Treebuzzers would like to see what the mulched area looks like as well the base of the stem and visible root system (if any).

I would gently suggest to not spray pesticides without an identified disease or pest to be treated. Treatment without diagnosis is malpractice.

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