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Couple days ago i had a customer call with a 85' pine tree broken 8' up the base with a lean over the wires to his home and driveway. Luckily a large oak stopped it amd was holding it up for the time being. The top of the tree was on the other side of the wires.
Just as a safety precaution i ended up strapping angle iron around the base ot the tree to hold the top on the stump while pulling it upright. This is the first time I've used steel on a tree haha.
I ended up climbing a larger pine on the backside of the lean. Set a block about 60' up the tree. Climbed the oak and set the 3/4" rigging line in the pine at 90° angle to the pulley. Rigging line was run through another block at the base of an oak tree near the big pine(wrapped in carpet due to poison ivy). I would have put it on the base of the pine but i couldn't have a straight pull. Then pulled the tree upright with my 1 ton until the top was to the pine with the block. Had dead eye sling with portawrap tied to plow mount. Then finally climbed the larger pine, took out a 15 foot top(on the broken tree) since it was in the way to drop the tree. Finally on the ground cut the last couple fibers that were holding so it was free floating and lowered it by hand on the port a wrap. Was just a one man show that day as my ground guy wasnt around. One day ill have the bucket truck and crane. Not today.


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Hell of a job to take on by yourself. Really well done man.
Cool trick to avoid the poison ivy, I'll have to remember that.


Next time i will set my line slightly lower in the broken tree because when it got to the pulley my knot was about 1 foot above. So when i climbed up to cut the top i had to strap it to the good pine so i could release my knot and move it down a few feet for when i lifted off the trunk. I didnt want any dynamic force as it came off.

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