Boxer Mini Skid Sale!


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I'm running a sale on Boxer mini skids, the 320, 322D, and the 532DX. What prompted the sale originally was the fact that there are a finite number of 32hp engines left to go into making a 532DXs.

I've sold 5 in the past week, 3 are coming to me in Mississippi, 3 are headed to Plymouth, MN (Top Notch Equipment main office). We'll have a truck headed to Seattle in mid May. There may be a little room left on it (already hauling a Gehl AL540, 2 532DX's and attachments). Delivery/shipping/pickup is available at either location. One 532DX is headed Arizona, another to South Carolina, and the other 20 miles from me in AL. Arizona and South Carolina may be able to haul additional machines back with them.

With a Branch Manager Grapple, prices excluding shipping are as follows:
320= Sale Price $16,500 List Price $19,324
322D= Sale Price $19,000 List Price $22,599
532DX= Sale Price $24,500 List Price $29,374

The bare machine is available, additional attachments can also be included in a package deal.

Let me know if you're interested!



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We've sold all the machines from the last order and will be ordering more this week. Let me know if you're interested in getting a machine in on this order!


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The current price until the start of Feb is $24,650 plus shipping. Boxer is having a price increase at the start of Feb which will drive the price up ~4%, get them now while they're cheap(er)!


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Too bad the controls are the WORST!! I think that is a major dis-advantage to those machines. Joy stick is where it is at IMO


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The 900 series that is coming out has Joysticks. I started out on a Thomas, which had the best controls IMO (BrendonV had one also). I complained for years about the Boxer controls, but after having one, Brendon and I agree that they aren't as bad as we thought they would be.
When can a 900 series be expected?

As far as a 532 goes....
Also what does shipping look like to davenport Iowa, what kind of financing can you do?


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Boxer has some incentivized rates, but personally I would go with their 4.9% standard rate option to save the buy down fee.

Shipping would be around $1200, perhaps less. We are placing our order in a couple days so if you're serious about buying, you need to get a credit app in TODAY. There is a price increase Monday which will raise the price of the package around $1100. We are placing our order Thursday or Friday. The more we ship with one order, the lower the freight is from Boxer to us and thus your total shipping costs.

The 900HD should be released maybe next month, start shipping in March. Rumor is it will list for $33-35k. The 532 lists for $28,100 in 2015, for comparison. The 532 will phase out and become the 525 which lists for $28,600. The 532's engine isn't tier 4 compliant, so when they run out of engines for new construction, that will be that.
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