Boom Truck insuance


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Can anyone give advice on getting boom truck insurance? I'm having issues with someone covering me. I'm starting a new venture.


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My bucket truck is covered by the same company that I have my general liability through. I use a local company that is basically a middleman for Pekin insurance, who I believe is based out of Arizona.
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Check with other tree services in the area and see who they use. Or loggers or construction crews.


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Bucket truck or hydraulic boom truck? Big difference that has been discussed here before a long time ago...buuuuuut, imo the search engine still really sucks here.


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Boom Truck Crane will cost more....but should not cost a lot. Bucket truck will be very reasonable. I think I pay around 4500 a year to insure my entire fleet...and that consists of 5 being a crane that was bought new a few years ago. You have to shop around with insurance pays. Took me several years before I found one that I was happy with...and that provided me reasonable coverage.