Bobcat L23

Does anyone here own one? Looking at them as the Bobcat support is good in my area, and I like the price point. It’s between the L23 and an Avant 423 currently. I know everyone loves the Avants, but would love some input on the L23. Thanks!

Will stein

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Berkshire county
Look into Giant. As the man who brought them over from Europe commented above me. We have a giant 254t and it's our ace in the whole. What it can do will blow you away. I did demo a multione 7.2 and sitting on the front I wasn't able to feed the chipper easily. The 254t is much more intuitive with buttons one the joystick to run every function available. Good luck


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Great Video!

ya know if you get an Avant or any of the other Euro style Articulators
and you never had one before you will love it - best machines ever for most residential treework
Avant for instance is dependable -lightweight - fast -no turf damage
you will be satisfied - and happy
Butt You won't know what your missing in the Giant that makes it an even better articulator
Talk to any FAO (former avant owner)
they will prefer the 254 Giant hands down over their Euro competitor

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