Black guide bars?

Please humor my vanity, but I'm in the market for a 16" guide bar for my Echo 355t, and I really want one that's mostly black. Cause it looks cooler. Does anyone know of any brands that make a high quality, mostly black or dark gray bar?


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The 'Bar Selector' on the Baileys website shows a number of Woodland Pro bars that are black with orange lettering, that's the closest thing they have. Can't comment on the quality of WP bars, maybe someone else has an opinion.


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I assume bars are powder coated? I'd suspect good quality paint would stick to that if you cleaned it with a degreeser then sanded it with maybe some 220 ahead of painting before ever using it?

I don't know... frankly don't care what the bar looks like.


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Haven't powder coated a bar, but I have used a spray can of Rust-Oleum high heat paint(for exhaust pipes, etc) on a bar before. Can't really say how well it'd last cutting wood, we turned the 4 foot long bar on an ice saw orange for better visibility. Bar was still mostly orange with some abrasion streaks 4 years later when I sold the saw.
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I believe Panther is a European company that has black bars. I just watch and August Hunicke video and he said he was going to be a North American distributor for them. August also ceramic coats bars with his design and sells them. You could probabky get someone local to ceramic coat one or maybe reach out to him.

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