Biggest tree lie you’ve heard (or said?!)

Mark Chisholm

3 of my favorites:

A tree guy told me these trees have to come down because they have that green stuff spreading on the bark- They're diseased.

I was the NJ Champion before Mark - never even saw a competition in person much less won one.

I teach Arboriculture at Princeton- Dude can't spell Arboriculture and they don't have any classes on the topic at Princeton.


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Just heard another one a minute ago. A guy is trimming a tree in one of the properties that butts up to the back of ours. Standing on an extension ladder running a corded chainsaw, no rigging ropes, no PPE. The last limb he cut got hung up and as he cut the tips off at ground level the limb came crashing down just missing a fence, shed and barely hit a bench swing (pushed the A frame sideways as the limb landed)

Now for the lie: I introduced myself and offered to help explaining that I own a tree service. He declined my help and said "its pretty straightforward, I think I've got this"


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Undoubtedly no insurance. This is why state licensing of tree services is needed.
I actually had a conversation about that with one of the consulting arborist in our area (north Alabama) today. I like the idea but I'm also skeptical it will have the desired effect. I'm afraid it will be a drain on legitimate folks and the outlaws will still just keep on doing like they are now. As it is now about a 1/4 of the businesses in our area don't have insurance even though its a requirement to get a license. Alot of them have repeatedly torn up stuff and run off.


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My Island, WA
Client: “do you mind chipping that brush pile over there?”
Arborist: “only if you promise there is no chance of dirt, roots, or rocks”

Arborist and groundie go to chip the brush, groundie pulls the first layer off the top. Arborist then sees whole potted plants with root balls attached, a small uprooted shrub with a baseball sized rock captured in the root wad. Arborist then hears one fucked up sound coming from the chipper, groundie just chipped a wrought iron plant stand…. True story

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