BIg thanks to Wachtel Tree

Just wanted to thank Paul Markworth, II, CEO of Wachtel Tree Science and Service, Milwaukee, WI for donating a chip truck to the Purdue Student Society of Arboriculture(PSSA). The truck will be a tremendous asset to PSSA when combined with our department chipper when used in teaching students how to safely use a brush chipper.
Thanks again Mark!!
I'd like to thank them for the photo they allowed ISA to use on the postcard I got recently.

pretty funny shot!

Purdue Joe - As a Purdue forestry grad living among the the heathen (aka Pointers)it was our pleasure to donate the truck. Dr. H struck a hard bargin - in exchange for the truck, we only have to bring 5 lbs of brats next year.

Babberney - the back of the pic has all the names of the "tree men" on it. Some were employees and some were just passing by. Glad you liked it - the original is hanging on the office wall.

Paul Markworth

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