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Hello, Tree Buzzers!

I'm excited to say that this is my very first post, and I really need some advice. I'm a CA with a small tree care business and I'm bidding on a big cemetery project where burial crypts are being constructed.

It involves tree pruning, tree preservation ( I.E mulching, fencing, and supervision) air excavating/ air-spaiding, root pruning, and more. There are about 8 large trees being pruned and 12 or more being protected. The CRZ encroachment equals about 200 ft in length x 4-8 ft deep of root excavating where I will be pruning/ preserving roots from heavy equipment just beyond where they dig. I pruned plenty of girdlers before and even have some experience using a high powered pressure washer to remove dirt. ” I know I'm a redneck” but have not been arboricilturally involved to this extent.

I easily came up with numbers for the pruning and preservation, but I'm stuck on how to price this air spading because my experience with it is limited. I only have a couple of days to offer the construction companies an estimate. There are not a lot of arborist in my area ( especially one's that climb) so I dont think anyone is bidding against me. I really want this gig but Dont want to overshoot it, not loos my hat. Any advice would be appreciated.
P.S I'm already having to purchase an Air-Spaid so I really dont have the funds to call a consultant at ASCA. Attached is picture of Tree Protection Plan from the architect. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the actual blueprint.


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