Best winch for a work ute?


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I'm looking to mount a winch on the nose of a 4x4 work ute.

Primarily will be used for felling barrels and trees. Pulling on suspended rigged limbs to get them closer to the dropzone/chipping area. Possibly for use as a speedline or tensioning system in a speedline. And dragging felled limbs and brush. Just general suburban / semi rural tree work.

Not looking to buy the best one out there but will pay for quality that is reliable and will last.

What recommendations would you suggest?

1. Specific brands / models that meet my needs?

2. Features of winches to look for / avoid?

3. Recommendations for mounting or other considerations?


Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I follow a couple of 4 wd and expedition travel forums. From what I gather Australians have some great kit available to them.

My take away is...service...just like chainsaws or whatever. YOu might like Stihl but if you can't get parts or repaired its a boat anchor.

Compare electrical specs. Amperage needed for pulling

Duty cycle

Wire rope or synthetic? I converted to synthetic

Wireless controls are sooo nice! Mine is wired

Mine is old...10k# for a 3k# Chevy Tracker is wayyy more than I hope to ever need. But it is what a have. Its mounted on a 2" receiver cradle so I can move it from front to back or another vehicle. It will be wired using Anderson plugs and heavy wire to the rear.


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As Tom said above, buy a good brand that can be serviced locally. Also, buy something more powerful than you need; a winch pulling at 30% capacity will pull far faster and for much longer than will a winch pulling at 85% capacity.


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I don't get into winching often but things that I like to see, a good duty rating (if hydraulic is an option it is 100% duty rating) I much prefer synthetic cable due to broken strands and metal splinters, and pull speed.

I converted a hydraulic winch to my mini and replaced the steel cable with synthetic. The only complaint that I have with it is the pull speed. It's fine once pulling but if you need a bit of slack to setup a redirect, you'll have time to grab a sandwich before the winch pulls the line tight again. In my case I took a winch that was used with a full size skidsteer and installed it on a machine with half the gpm, causing the slower speed.


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Be careful of the older Warne etc as the gears can jam, they can be rebuilt but not if you end up twisting the copper terminal studs, which corrode and almost always twist when trying to remove the winch... I jammed mine last year pulling stumps...

Not sure about the new ones but will ask as I am in same boat. Will ask a friend that used to work in one of the factories.


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Use a good gauge wire to hook it up.
I have one of the HF 12000 lb winches.
First thing I did was tear it apart and cleaned all the cheap ass china grease that had casting sand in it.
Put some quality synthetic grease and siliconed around the electric motor and contactor box.
Replace the low grade wire used to connect to power.
Use Anderson Connectors front and back of my truck with rubber shrouds and plenty of dielectric grease.
Used 2 gauge wire front to back and wired in a quality circuit breaker.
Installed a front mount receiver hitch.

Winch lives indoors and only comes out when needed and is covered when outside when not in use.
Built a sturdy removable mount out 1/4" thick 8" C-channel as the ones online were crap.

Going to swap over to some 3/8" Dyneema rope that I have already bought for it.

Have you considered the use of a wench? :rolleyes:


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