Best way to mount on Protos helmet.


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You guys with Protos helmets, what have you found is the best mounting option and position. I got a strap helmet mount but it doesn't really seem secure against the helmet contour. I am wondering if a couple EZ-Pass velcro strips might actually do a better job. Thoughts?


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I use the curved helmet mount for my contour plus ca. the one with the rotation button feature seems to sit just that little bit higher which gives good clearance and keeps the helmet out of the shot.

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right. didn't fuss with mine too much yet as i just got both a month or or two ago. took some footage last crabbing trip trying to get a basic understanding of gopro. i did put the helmet mount up to my new protos but the curve of the helmet didn't match up well to that of the mount. i was curious myself of how others had mated them.


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Setup to use a Petzl Pixa 3 head lamp.

I have two (2) 3M brand Command “Mini Hooks” mounted up-side-down near the front brim.
The Pixa Lamp elastic band (1-1/8” or 30 mm wide) is slipped under the edge of the helmet’s top vent slide in the back of the helmet.
The front of the elastic band is retained under the Hooks in the front.

For an even more secure Hook attachment, use a very good quality (3M, etc) foam double-sided tape. (e.g. 1/8” thick X ¾” wide)

Easy On, Easy Off !

I also have a couple labels mounted.
They are enclosed, for rain etc, in a 3M, “Self-seal, Laminating Pouch”, (WalMart).
Attach with 1/8” X ¾” foam double-sided tape.

1. My Name, Address
2. Emergency Contact Info:
Names, Phone Numbers, Address

Thick Foam Double Stick Tape would also work for a front camera mount; then just remove the camera from the mount when not in use.
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Just received my protos today. Here is how I mounted way I can figure (if leaving on face shield). About the only flat, and wide, surface on this awesome helmet. The other spot I was looking at was down about 2"... still on the red stripe. Used the curve mount plate.





You can adjust the swivels so that the helmet isn't shown.
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Sigh, apparently I took the gopro picture before I remembered to move my wife's tampon box. I had taken that one while my phone was charging, to take the others. Sry

My wife found it pretty funny though, when I started swearing , and I showed her the pic on here.


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I can't resist any longer. Everytime I read the thread title, "Best way to mount on Protos helmet", I want to respond 'from behind!':bananas:


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Haha, I've had to put eyes on helmets before, but not yet in the trees. When I saw your helmet I was just too curious.

ML, sorry for the derail. If you're ever climbing down under, beware the magpies!


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Glad I found this thread. Just received my Protos Helmet w/ Sena Bluetooth. I was leaning towards attaching to the ridge vent. I really like the shield and plan on using it most of the time.

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