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I know I'm opening up Pandora's box here, but what the hell- Which line clearance companies would you consider the best? I'm asking everyone's opinion-from current and former line clearance workers as well as Arborists and tree men in general. Let the games begin!


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Marlborough, MA
Best.... to work for? Best... tree guys? producing? following the utilities directive but without pissing off the homeowners? Lotsa "bests" out there, can you narrow the question?

The thing I always find sad & frustrating is how every homeowner says "Those clowns from (Asplundh/Lewis/Nelson/Townsend/Davey/Wright/DBI/etc) ruined my tree" when they were only doing what they were hired to do. The blame lies with the utility and their specifications. We have 2 different electric utilities here in CT, and until recently their trimming standards were night and day different. Yet every person you met would blame the contractor for raping the next town over, not that utilities "15' to the side, ground to sky" policy.
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Hands down, best line clearance company to work for is Kappen Tree Service out of Michigan. Super nice equipment, super progressive owners willing to bust their ass to make a job safe and easier on their guys. Work all year long, amazing Christmas bonuses and awesome Christmas party. This is THE company to work for!

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