Beech Tree leaves dying


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Any talk about a nursery quarantine? Big nurseries that that ship all over.
Several weeks ago, John Pogacnik (Biologist, at Lake Metroparks) who discovered BLD, set up an informational exhibit at the "Lake County Nursery" festival. This was mostly for public exposure.

They just don't know enough about the cause, to quarantine anything.


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Beech Tree Leaf Disease Up-Date - 1/31/18

BLD is spreading (OH, PA, NY, Ontario, ???). There is still NO KNOWN CAUSE.

Not only are the original trees and small saplings affected, but some very large trees are now succumbing.
Some "tree/clones" may be showing some signs of resistance. The original investigator, John Pogacnik, will be following closely.
A local workshop is being organized at Cleveland (OH) Metroparks May 1-2, 2018. (Ohio, Minnesota, Ontario, etc.)

Investigations are continuing at :
Ohio Division of Forestry
Ohio State University
Cleveland Metroparks
Forest Service in Minnesota


Ohio Div of Forestry - See Link:

BLD Propagation Extent Map (9/18/17):
180131-  Beech Leaf Disease Extent - BLD_Extent_20170926.jpg


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I'm almost positive I saw this in CT last Summer. I attributed it to drought stress at the time.
Location ?
Anyway for you to confirm ?
Other observers ?

The more observations, the more attention this will get from investigators !


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Southbury Ct. Stand of American Beech dead all around a clients property. I briefly read the article. There does not seem to be any other clear way to diagnose this other than the striped leaves? It would be nice if I could take wood sample to my local ag station this winter.
It reminds me of a vascular wilt like DED. The trees I saw were crispy from the bottom up. Leaves were striped from the margins and when advanced they went pink. I was thinking abiotic leaf scorch as the trees were growing in ledge around the clients home.


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I just emailed John, the biologist who put out the fact sheet. It seems that some other samples came in from Mass that sound similar to what I saw but where attributed to a eriophyid mite. What I saw was definitely fatal though. I'm kinda disappointed that I did not pursue it more last summer. Busy time of year to be running plant samples back and forth to the ag station if you know what i mean.


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The Beech Leaf Disease Workshop Up-Date (new dates, etc):

Beech Leaf Disease Workshop
May 2-3, 2018 (Wed & Thur)
Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center, 2277 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma, OH 44134

Registration Cost: FREE
Each Day starts: 08:00

Agenda has been drafted.
Seven (7) presenters and growing; more than 13+ presentations.

Workshop contacts:

James Jacobs ( - Chair
Connie Hausman (
Danielle Martin (
John Pogacnik ( - Original discoverer in 2012
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