Bad gear? Or just faulty?


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Hey, I just got a new Arbormaster Samson rope and a new cambium saver yesterday, I've climbed about 30 feet up/down about 3 times and while descending the last time, I noticed this on my rope.


There's pieces of the nylon core sticking out through the sheath of the rope (at my thumb and index finger in the pics) (close ups below), is this a faulty rope or just normal stuff?

IMG_3453.jpg IMG_3454.jpg

In addition, my aluminum cambium saver rings have these scratches after using them very little?
I don't understand how smooth aluminum can scratch itself by rubbing together. Anyway, any advice/insight to these things would be much appreciated.


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Hmm. It doesn’t raise any alarm for me, since 16 strand is all cover strength. As long as the cover strands are intact, I’d say you’re good. Have you tried working the strand back down into the core?

Disclaimer- I’m not a rope manufacturer, or the primary user, so my opinion is only that.

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