Back splice rigging line


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Anybody ever back splice their double braid rigging lines to prevent fraying? Any reasons not to? I did a practice back splice using a full fid bury and the foot of stiffer rope does seem like it could interfere with the tying and setting of a running bowline so maybe a shorter bury would be better.


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Delavan, WI
I have never back splice a rigging line. I just burn and whip the ends. I do back spliced tennex loopies slings all the time but that's about it.


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Atglen, PA
Never backspliced a line either, on rigging ropes we usually put on a 1” long piece of burial-rated utility-grade shrink tube. We use cable splicers shrink tube mostly because it’s the right size, it’s incredibly durable, and has enough glue in it to not fall off without some doing.

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