Back pain from saddle?


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I haven't but for me back pain is going to come from not achieving good positioning when running a saw. Since I avoid pole saws like the plague I don't get back pain from making big horizontal reaches with them ;-) Not saying back pain from the wrong or a poorly fit saddle won't happen but I would look at the bigger/overall picture to understand why back pain is happening. Saddle could be a piece of it but I suspect there is something else going on.

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I agree with Moss that back pain is likely a result of ergonomics related to the tasks you are performing. I think if a saddle was going to cause me back pain from extended use, I'd find it too uncomfortable to use from the get go. Could be not having a good adjustment or could be a bad combination of saddle design and body shape. Maybe the saddle is riding too high?

I'm fortunate to not have any back problems. Never had a harness or saddle cause me any back pain.


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Anyone ever experience back pain that comes from a poorly adjusted saddle, or one that is just not right for you?
I hadn’t had my saddle adjusted properly for a very long time, and that contributed to lower back pain (I would not say it caused it). This video
taught me a lot, the key moment at 7:30 is the adjustment that keeps your body at a neutral position when hanging. Previously I had this too loose and was constantly engaging my lower back for the entire climb.

Hauling brush and twisting to load into a chipper is much more the source of back pain for me than climbing. Generally when I’m climbing I find my spine elongates and feels better than it did before I started.


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I'll continue to echo what others have said. its likely ergonomics not the saddle. Check the setup for sure, but paying attention to how you're moving and where you're holding muscular tension throughout the day is super important. Especially if you're fairly new, catch bad habits before they cripple you.


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I've felt my lower back snap into place during a climb, relieving a nagging discomfort. Kind of like a chiropractor popping your vertebrae back in line. Sequoia SRT. Upper back remains in whatever current state it arrived in, but twist/reaches force some mobility that may have tightened up.
I ended up getting the comfort backpad. I didn't like it at first, the saddle felt too big, it felt NOTICABLY heavier. The OG padding felt like it fit so well, and the comfort pad did not feel that way at all. That being said, after giving the comfort pad a try for a few weeks, I switched back to the OG padding, and holly cow, my back was not happy during that climb.

TLDR, I didn't notice an improvement until after I switched back. Now I am sticking with the comfort backpad.

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