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I have a woodsman 15x and have recently replaced the autofeed computer with a LOR PDX-X. We had to wire it all up and I can't figure out why that when we start up the chipper and it is at idle the feed wheels turn. There should be a signal sent to the valve telling it to stop. anyone know?


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What did you find out from their Customer Support or the Owners Manual?
Their manual has nothing to address that issue. Its seems its a stock digital tach used in many different "applications". I have to wait to monday to call landmark. Our other chipper had a bearing go yesterday while we had this one out of service to try to figure stuff out.

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Do you have a gauge on your feed wheel hydraulic pressure? I had mine set too high once after we did a bunch of work and the autofeed wasn't working right. We put in a gauge and set it to factory spec, which was 2500 for my machine and it started working right.

Does the autofeed work properly? If you don't have auto feed the wheels will turn at idle..

I turn my auto feed off when we idle in the morning to get the hydraulic fluid warmed up.


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Got everything working correctly. The new autofeed seems to help with the bogging issues but still gets bogged down once in a while when we put a big top in.

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