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The Atlantic Chapter TCC was held on Sept 14/02 in Moncton, NB. It was a sunny day and there was a great turn out with (I think)18 competitors. Although others had their moments, no one good argue that Trevor Burton seemed to be on top of his game that day!! Congratulations to Trevor and everyone who competed, Well done!!

1. Trevor Burton
2. Keanan Jewitt (Sorry if spelled wrong)
3. Joey Peters
4. Ben Taylor

Also Thanks to Dan Hicks who hosted the conference, and all the others who helped organize the event volunteer there time.

Unfortunately veteran winner Danny Leblanc wasn't able to compete in our competition this year, (you were missed)but we hope you do well at the NJ TCC.


Mark Chisholm

Thanks for the update Joey. It's good to hear that the comp. went well and that it was a safe day!

As for the veteran, Danny Leblanc, I know that he really missed competing. He also missed the NJTCC due to a severe shoulder injury. He is feeling better every day and I think that you will see more of him next year!

He spent his day helping to run the NJTCC and did a great job as well. I guess that I should save the rest of my coments for the next post regarding the NJTCC.


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I've got some old lp's of Dan Hicks from the early 70's. Don't think many know who he is.


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