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The 2003 ATCC was held May 8/04 after being cancelled last fall due to hurricane Juan. It was a very cold and windy day, but there was still a good turn out (13 competitors). There was also some competitor's from away (Saskatchewan, Ontario, New York), and the competition was very close all day.
The prelim's ended with the following top 4 moving on to the Masters. John Ransom (Ontario Chapter), Trevor Burton, Joey Peters, Danny Leblanc, Keenan Jewitt. John did not qualify for the Masters being from away. Therefore the other s moved on to the Masters with a very close finish.
The overall finsh was
1. Danny Leblanc
2. Joey Peters
3. Trevor Burton
4. Keenan Jewitt

Congratulations to Danny and we all wish him well this summer at the ITCC. Thanks to the volunteers for putting together the competition and braving a long cold day.

Hope to see everyone this fall a the 2004 ATCC.

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