ART Twinline Rope Guide


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Aka a pulley saver. I never used it but have used a pulley saver homemade that works well. I always heard they work well and I think that one is lighter than other pulley savers plus I think that cocoon pulley swivels.


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The thing that caught my eye about it was the fact you can use a second rope and actually climb it or just leave it as an emergency access line. And also float the caccoon back to yourself when you want to natural crotch redirect with on MRS. They make ground retrieval look super smooth but the video is sales pitch production quality so they use nice branch unions and all that.


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It’s great for pruning and training new climbers (two climbers on one anchor). On removals the cocoon catches in the eye of the add-on sling badly.


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As for retrieval, it acts much like a regular srt canopy anchor. The fair lead pulley doesn’t do much to help if the access line is redirected over a branch.


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I like it, it's smooth, it's got it's place, but for me that place is much more niche than you would think compared to a regular friction saver. I find myself over and over grabbing my fimble saver in it's place
I love my fimbl saver too. Id be very weary of using the ropeguide near any concrete / sand / gravel. Basically only grass landings...


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I use my ropeguide regularly. Perfect for big prunes where you don't need to go to the top other than to set a point. Set the ropeguide from the ground and once done easily retrievable.
Also great for prunes where you want to work your way to the top or have two climbers on one point (one on SRT and other on MRT)

Conclusion: expensive but brilliant if you do a lot of pruning

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