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I have a wedgle injector, and I love it. As far as I can tell their is no good way to refill the containers. We upgraded to the backpack, which if you buy the 1000ml refills saves on product cost.

The key to our success is time savings, appropriate product mark up, and selling the benefits of direct injection vs soil application.

Not to sound too much like a sales rep for Arborsystems, but 53 8-10inch willow oaks in a community were treated in about 3hrs.

Have a good one.


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we've used wedgle for years with great profits. Cost to you is about $2.50 per injection and we sell at $14.00 per injection site and more. I would think that is enough profit.


Have used wedgle for about 9 years now. Never worry about re-filling the bottles. Did 67K last year on about 9K product cost. 13% product cost works for me. Anyway in Michigan,re-filling pesticide containers is a violation. How they would catch you I have no idea, but I try to be compliant.

Bryan Gilles

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I have a very large system of wedgle I am looking to sell. I have over 300 of the needles in all sizes, 2 injection systems, 2 high volume kits. Everything is cleaned and in working order. Contact me if you are interested.

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