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I've been looking at this arborjet product catalog for a while now and wondering how much I would use this tool? The IV system that is recommended is $600. EAB is headed my way and tree-age has proven to be the best treatment from my research.

Anybody else have this system? If so, what products are you using for what pest issues? Please explain the pros and cons?

I've injected over 200 trees w/the tree IV. Mostly elms for Elm Leaf Miner and ashes for EAB using imajet. I'm not big on tree-age. I've found that tree-age can be difficult to get into a tree, when dealing with restricted roots or drought stressed trees. When it first came out the chart said NOT to mix with water. Now its mixed at a 2 to 1 ratio (approx). I find these label changes to be the result of "field testing" from input from guys like me. Thats worrysome that it takes US to tell THEM how to use THEIR product. The same goes for imajet though. Initially it was 2ml per DBH inch, now its a progression of DBH parameters that varies from 2.5 ml to 6.3 WTF??? So I keep it simple and effective by going 2 ml for leaf feeders and 4 ml for borers. I've found imajet to be good at control and at $600 a liter for Tree-age its just not worth it.

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I have a very large system of wedgle I am looking to sell. I have over 300 of the needles in all sizes, 2 injection systems, 2 high volume kits. Everything is cleaned and in working order. Contact me if you are interested.

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