Arborist on Cape Cod Needed

Tree Pete

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Tree Climber / Bucket Truck Operator
Childs Arborists, Inc. – Cape Cod, MA
We are a 2nd generation tree service on Cape Cod. We are seeking General Tree Care Climbers & Bucket Operator

• Perform proper tree climbing skills in all phases of arboriculture in a safe manner.
• Work as a member of a general tree care crew providing high-quality tree care.
• Perform specialized pruning and removals, install cabling and bracing.
• Safely operate equipment including chainsaws, chippers, hand-tools and/or bucket truck
• Provide excellent customer service

• Must have tree care crew experience, MCA or ISA Certified
• Experience with proper pruning practices including large shade trees and ornamentals
• Tree ID important
• Must be an expert in safe chain saw/equipment operation
• Valid Driver’s license with a safe driving record.
• Experience in Bucket Truck Operation

Wages / Salary - Commensurate with Experience

Call: 508-420-1500



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Wish I knew someone to send his way.
To add to the post, I see these guys around a lot. Nice equipment, high end clientele, and an excellent name locally.

Tree Pete

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Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it. We are very busy and hope we can stretch the work out longer until we fill the job vacancies. Otherwise we do what we can when we can, always keeping the quality level at the maximum.
It is getting more and more difficult to find qualified arborists in this area, especially long term.


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@Tree Pete; Maybe starting your own in-house apprenticeship program would provide for the long term stability of talent you are looking for. Maybe have built in protections for your interests, like the navy does with its officers. As in a multi-year commitment to work for you folks at a specified pay scale for a set number of years, in order to repay your investment of time and effort in a candidate. I would bet a ton of young guys would jump at the chance for such an opportunity.

This suggestion does not provide an answer for your current needs, but could help you to stay stable in the future. Just a thought.


Tree Pete

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Thanks Tim, we try to have that atmosphere and philosophy here already. Long-term stability is what we offer but Cape Cod has many seasonal employees and it is expensive to live here; that is why we've lost a couple of guys this past year - cost of living in a resort area. Really appreciate your feedback and wish you the best in your business endeavors as well. Pete

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