anyone knows where else to buy starter for Vermeer CTX100 (Kohler KDI1903). cant's find any source online.


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st. louis
bought it brand new in April 2019. now the starter solenoid started sticking most of the times when cold start. took it apart, greased it, no help. want to buy a new one but try not to buy from Vermeer. no hits at all with google search. any idea why no one is selling that starter? Thx. Erwin


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From my experience with Vermeer, you can source the parts elsewhere but you need to remove it and look for a part number. Searching the model of the machine will not find anything.

That said I have price checked vermeer vs many other sources for various parts and more times than not vermeer can get the part faster and cheaper than the competitors. Of course this is for an older mini skid, so your results may be different.

I understand that they have a reputation of proprietary parts and outrageous pricing, I just haven't seen that on my mini.

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