Anyone have a line on a lightly used Grapplesaw rig?


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Central MA
Approved and ready to buy. a PK40 or equivalent. Have another machine pretty much lined up, but having a paperwork issue on the seller's end that I'm not sure will get sorted out anytime soon/ever. Could go new, but looking like new would be in 2022. Could use something straight away. Wondering if anyone has or knows someone with a lightly used machine that they are either upgrading or wanting to get rid of. Thanks y'all.
Not positive, but I think American might be getting rid of one of theirs. I might just have to stop what I’m doing and come hang out with you if that’s the case.
I have a fassi 330 wallboard 70ft reach crane on a 2003 sterling that is set up for a grapple saw I would sell. I bought a fassi 390 is the reason I am selling.

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