anyone else prefer the zk-1?


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I still have my zk-1 and i think i prefer it to the zk-2 and hitchhiker. I might be the only one, but i like how i can adjust it and have it put more friction on the rope. Add a stiff tether and it is perfect!


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I kinda have to agree on the zk-1. Now that I'm on the zk-2 I'm having quite a few issues with my hitch binding up. The zk-1 added more friction than the zk-2 does. I'm definitely burning through hitches faster too. Maybe I just need to dial it in more??? The zk-2 sure is sexy though!


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Good or bad the zk1 is all I've used. I do have the sheave that Surveyor had made up which I like. Yes, I prefer the zk1 also.


I have to disagree. I used my ZK-1 for the first time today since getting the ZK-2 and had a lot of troubles with too much friction.
My setup for the ZK-1 isn't as finely tuned as my ZK-2 but I find the ZK-2 to advance smoother up the rope and engage quicker.
I believe it all depends of your setup though. What works for one person won't always work for another.


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Same here the ZK-1 was way too heavy and clunky....ZK-2 is smooth smooth smooth did I say it's smooth....


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I can't say which one I prefer yet. I can say this though, with the 2 I feel like I have to really collapse my hitch to get good speed for big swings, I don't recall that being the case with my 1, which I ran in the most wide open setting.


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I didnt know where to post my this seemed like the most sutitable spot.

I am a pretty cheap guy and havent bought the new zk2 yet. I would like too just havent yet.

So has anyone had success with a stiff tether with the old wrench? I cant seem to dial it in. My abr tether folds while i am ascending and its kind of annoying.

If there isnt any kind of stiff tethers i can get to work with the old one i may have to break down and buy a new one.

Any help would be great thanks fellow buzzers!


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With the zk1 you can use a shorter stiff tether because the wrench is longer. The sterling stiffy a bit shorter than abr.


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Thanks for the info. I will try that then. I taped my stiff tether at the top so the wrench wouldnt come down on the abr one should i still try and do that on the sterling?


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Yes, anything to keep it semi engaged. It is harder on the zk1 because there is no taper and its wide so you need a bit more material


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Kevin i figured so just thought i would check. Treezybreez does the wrench go down towards your hitch at all..if you know what i mean it looks like it would but i could be wrong. Definitely looks cool too!


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Do you mean like this?

[/ QUOTE ]

You could rig some kind of rubber bumper at the top of the aluminum tether to prevent the end of the wrench from dropping so low.

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