Any run a Fassi f165z log loader?

allen gaddy

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I am casually looking for a knuckle boom log loader that folds up behind the cab to replace my traditional log truck. I am either going to get it built or find one. I have run the Copma loaders with the 5 or 6 levers. I found it to be annoying with the number of levers. There is a truck with a fassi f165z for sale and was wondering if anyone had run one. I am pretty sure this is one of the knuckle booms that you have to "pop" the knuckle.

I remember running something like that at a big company and it was annoying. You often needed to unstow the boom out on the street and put in the bed of the truck and then drive into the driveway. An inexperienced operator had it on a paver driveway and we put down a piece of plywood to "pop" the knuckle and he ended up smashing several pavers despite the plywood.

Any thoughts?

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