Another Tree ID request..

Can anyone tell me what this is? It lives in Michigan's UP, if that helps. Particularly interested in it as firewood and/or smoking meats, as there are a ton of them around.

Thanks all,

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In-focus closeup images of lowers, leaves, branchlets, and bark could quickly spark a more confident reply. My immediate response was pin cherry (Prunus pennsylvanica) but maybe it should be wild black cherry (P. serotina). But for your purposes, perhaps, that's close enough. New threads on wood for smoking meat come up from time to time. Searching the archive should help.
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Thanks bklysen for the images, they do indeed help! You probably have the information you need for smoking meat, but some folks might like to hear about the botany.

There are about 25-30 "good" species of shrub or tree-form Prunus (cherry, in a broad sense) in the northeast US. Most of us (including me), only really differentiate a few of them. Within Prunus, particularly cherry (in a more restricted sense), the isolated flowers are very similar. However, the arrangement of the individual flowers and how they are borne do make a difference. So, the flowers in my immediate guess of pin cherry occur in corymbs, flower clusters with long lower stalks to result in flower head that are flat or slighty convex. The second batch of images confirms that to the contrary, the flowers are arranged on an upright stalk or raceme. The most likely racemose species is wild black cherry, P. serotina. So go with that.
I get a little confidence in that ID in that that leaves are obvate-lanceolate rather than "roundier".

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