An ode to the tag line


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Dear 200’ of Allgear ‘Cherry Bomb’ 11.7,

I wanted to thank you for the few climbs we spent together in the fall of 2019. Wherever I was, you were there in front of me, below me, above me. I came up, I came down. You flaked. You knotted.

Then someone nicked you with a saw. And I knew it would happen, because it always happens to Cherry bomb. And I did not shed a tear for you, because I knew in my heart of hearts I needed a long tag line and some part of me wanted it this way.

And my what a tag we have tagged. Big trees. Little trees. Spars. Chunks. Sections of barn. Tie backs. Access lines. Whenever I needed you, you came to me. I tied you into bowlines, into cow hitches, overhands, alpines. We moved things, and in more ways than you’ll ever know, you moved me.

Today we returned home... I was unchanged... you were... changed. You helped me skid two hemlock spars out of a creek. You broke four times. My heart cried for you each time. I tied a double fisherman’s knot. Then you broke at the double fisherman’s knot. I tied it again, and you broke again. Then you broke on the bowline on a bight. Oh, how confused and scared you must have felt, but there was more wood to move, and then I tied a overhand, and this held. And now you are marked by many knots and the cries and tears of the trauma of this day. And I know from this day onward you will always shutter whenever you hear the 6.9 f250 rev up.

I just wanted to say sorry, and thank you, and I know it’s my fault. But I’m going to have to cut 60’ off of you and continue to do insane things with you.

Your greatest admirer,


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Lancaster, SC
Such a touching ode to that old faithful tagalong friend.

Reminds me of Helga, my old nicked rigging line. She loved to pull out old bushes and drag logs. Sigh... RIP Helga.

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