Akimbo rec climb.

Nice video, just curios what rope and setting are you using and your weight? I'm having a bit of trouble with mine on 11.7mm Yale. seems to be inconsistent. after a longer decent, (not bombing down) it warms up a bit and will creep bad, then I tighten up the settings a bit and next time super tight and jerky. Not sure is this is also due to this rope being more worn in on the more used half and on bigger trees I start descending on"newer rope" toward the bottom.
In any case I don't want to give up yet, maybe a different rope will do it?
Im 200lbs btw and current setting are around F6



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Hey MrBill. I am at c3. Mine dose the same on long descents. It could be the rope. I have the sterling rope. I cant remember what it is right now. Scion I think. It dont let me go when I am working, but I have noticed what you are talking about. Look up freefalling on YouTube. He has a lot of good info that may help out.

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